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I e-filed my return on 3/3 for TY 2020. It has been accepted. I know it was received because the SSA sent me a letter that I am now getting $4.00 more for my retirement  based on my 2020 income. When I query the IRS "Where's my refund" it get the standard still being processed. When I check for status of my 3rd stimulus payment, I get "not enough information" etc.  I did not receive a 2nd stimulus, so Yes, I have an amount on line 30. If this wasn't bad enough IRS has yet to send me my refund for 2019.  I requested a transcript for 2019 and it shows a credit (they owe me) of over $5K (just for 2019).  This is really putting a strain on me that the "interest" they might pay will not relieve.  How can I resolve this? I've tried to call. I wrote to them in December and have received no response.  This is extremely irritating! Thank you for any information, suggestions.  

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The IRS is seriously backlogged due to all the recent new tax laws and extra stimulus filings, as well as a few million unprocessed 2019 returns left over from the COVID shutdown.  Contacting the IRS will not speed things up, and they have implored taxpayers not to call.  Lots of other folks are still waiting (some 7 weeks or more), so please continue to be patient.  See:

Tax refund delay: As tax season heads into the home stretch, some taxpayers are still waiting on the...

The IRS is under serious stress — what does that mean for your refund? (

What led to IRS backlog: ‘Thin workforce,’ new pandemic relief programs | Federal News Network


Also, the letter from the  SSA is based upon the 2020 W-2 info that your employer (not the IRS)  provided them.  They would have gotten that even if you hadn't filed your 2020 taxx return yet.

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you're waiting four weeks going on five weeks.

that's above the three weeks IRS advertises for "most returns".

In the scheme of things you're not doing too badly.


2019 is another matter. there's no excuse for IRS to not be caught up on 2019 tax returns by now.

I know IRS has opened them because amended 2019 returns filed in May were processed after a few months.

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