IRS did not get my 2017 efile
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IRS did not get my 2017 efile

Several months ago I receive a letter from the IRS saying they did not receive my 2017 federal tax return.  Do you have a record of the federal government receiving my efile return.  Why would they not have received it?

They also said they did not receive my W-2s.  I sent the W-2s with the check with the original payment voucher.  They cashed the check but are asking for the W-2s again.

Suggestion please.

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Level 15

IRS did not get my 2017 efile

Was it prepared with Online TurboTax?

If so, log into your online account and scroll down to the section "Your Tax Returns & Documents."

Expand that section and choose tax year 2017.

What is shown for "status?" Does it say accepted, rejected, started, printed, ready to mail, or what?


We can tell you more about what to do when you report on that.


Copies of the W-2's do not have to be sent at all when efiling a return, so I'm not sure why you enclosed them with the payment voucher.  Whoever processed your check and voucher may have just thrown them away since there was no return with them.  W-2's only have to be sent when a return is printed and mailed, in which case the W-2's are attached to the Form 1040, as well as any 1099-R or W-2G that has withholding.

Returning Member

IRS did not get my 2017 efile

They said they did not.  /we sent then a copy of our efile; it was returned to us asking for me to attach supporting documents for our entry of $5089 for federal income tax withheld.  Forms W-2, Form W-2G, 1099s or a copy of earning statements with year end totals.  I can not find my copies of these documents for 2017.  

Can I get this info off my 2017 Turbo tax return?

Level 15

IRS did not get my 2017 efile

So you mailed them your 2017 return after they said they didn't get your efiled return?  And they sent  your mailed return back?   Now they want you to send it by mail again with any attached W-2's, 1099's, etc. that show withholding?


TurboTax does not have copies of any of your W-2 forms, 1099's, etc.   It only has the info that you entered from your documents.  For W-2's it places the info on a worksheet called "W-2: Wage and Tax Statement."  For 1099's, it uses 1099 worksheets.   Those should be in your 2017 PDF if you saved the PDF with all the worksheets.  If not, you can try downloading a new instance of the PDF to see if the rest of the worksheets are there now.    But that is not an official W-2 or 1099, since it is self-entered by the user and not an official document from your employer.   It will tell you what you entered, but likely won't satisfy the IRS since it's self-entered and thus could be manipulated by a user.   That's why they want to see official documents.


See this FAQ: How can I get a copy of my W-2?


Level 15

IRS did not get my 2017 efile


See the info I just left you above.


If you need additional help with this matter, you may wish to phone TurboTax free Audit Support Center.  While your issue is NOT an audit, that center also helps people deal with IRS letter issues, and they should be able to question you in realtime and advise you on responding to the IRS letter.


To get the phone number, go to the page linked below and click the blue "Get Help" button.  Then follow the prompts to get the number.   Hours are 5AM-5PM Pacific (8AM-8PM Eastern) Monday-Friday.

Level 15

IRS did not get my 2017 efile

I would first try asking your employer for another copy of the W2.  Maybe they can print out another one.


Or get a copy from the SSA.  How to get a W2 copy from SSA



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