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New Member

I filed my taxes June 10th and still haven’t received a conformation email

I originally took my taxes to H&R Block back in February, come to find out recently they never filed them so I had to go back in and got them filed the 10th of June and when I check my status on the H&R Block website it says there was a issue with my federal and to contact the irs, and it’s said that since I went in like as soon as I got home I checked and it said that but when I do it on the IRS website nothing shows up so what the heck is going on, because also before I went in to finish my taxes up it had been saying on the TurboTax website that my return was sent in and that there wasn’t anything else I had to do besides state which is why I believed they had filed my taxes but still even with that nothing was showing up and I’m just starting to get super frustrated because I feel like I’m being screwed over some how by H&R Block my first year filing taxes and I’m just mad and confused 

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Level 15

I filed my taxes June 10th and still haven’t received a conformation email

Your post is very confusing ... did you start on the TT program then change to the Block version ?   Did you efile thru Block or TT ?   Did you check either  site for filing success or get an email of acceptance from either company ?    If the return was rejected what is the exact error message or code ? 


If you were accepted what does the IRS site say ? 


Be sure when checking Where’s My Federal Refund? site that you are entering only your Federal refund amount. This can be found on your Federal form 1040, line 21a. If you paid any fees out of your federal refund, use the refund figure prior to the deduction of he fees. Also if you filed joint, be sure to enter the filers name that appears first on the return.


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I filed my taxes June 10th and still haven’t received a conformation email

If H&R e-filed your return contact them.  TT would receive no info. 

New Member

I filed my taxes June 10th and still haven’t received a conformation email

I originally tried using TT Online to file them my self, but I didn’t understand what I was even doing so I quit trying to do it my self and went into H&R Block a couple weeks later back in February to drop off my taxes  and I was just now contacted last month by H&R Block because they had never filed my taxes to begin with all because they needed a couple more pieces of information, so that’s what I did. I went in June 10th and filled out the last of the paperwork and gave them what they needed, after I had filled everything out and told my tax preparer what she needed to know she gave me a folder with my stuff and told me that she had just E-filed my return and that it would be direct deposited. When I originally dropped my taxes off in February they had me thinking they were already sent in because I never heard from them again up until recently, because I was thinking that I’d have my return sometime in March, April the latest because after dropping off my taxes I gave it a couple of weeks before trying to check my status on H&R Block and the IRS where’s my refund (which neither site had any information for me) so I decided to go on my TT account to see if I maybe had an update about my refund on my account since it wasn’t showing up H&R or IRS but when I logged in to my TT account it said “it looks like you already mailed in your 2019 tax return the IRS now has all the information they need to qualify you for a stimulus payment” and gives me the option to download my tax return. But If my taxes were never filed in the first place why would my TT account have my tax return then? which is what I don’t understand especially since my account says they were already mailed in along with letting me view my return. As for the acceptance or rejection I have not received an email from anybody not H&R Block, not TT and after I had left H&R Block June 10th I went on to check my status on their website which is now saying “something went wrong with your federal tax return that made the IRS reject it, please contact your H&R Block for assistance” and has been saying that since the day she e-filed my return, but when I go on the IRS website there’s still nothing about my return it just tells me to wait 24-48 Hours after receiving an email letting me know if my return was accepted or rejected to begin checking my status. So I just want to know what’s going on here I feel like I might be getting scammed or that they just don’t know how to do their job but either way I’d like to figure out what to do. 

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