I can’t print my tax return, how do I go about doi...
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I can’t print my tax return, how do I go about doing that?

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I can’t print my tax return, how do I go about doing that?

To access your current or prior year online tax returns sign onto the TurboTax website with the userID you used to create the account - https://myturbotax.intuit.com/

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and on the section Your tax returns & documents click on Show.  Click on the Year and Click on Download/print return (PDF)


You can also get free transcripts of your federal return from the IRS - http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Get-Transcript

For a fee of $50 you can get a complete federal tax return from the IRS by completing Form 4506 - http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f4506.pdf


If you used the desktop CD/Download editions installed on your computer, the only copy of your tax data file and any PDF's will be on the computer where the return was created.  TurboTax does not store online any returns completed using the desktop editions.


See this TurboTax support FAQ for when access to the online tax returns expire - https://ttlc.intuit.com/community/prior-year-return/help/when-does-access-to-my-prior-year-turbotax-...


 The 2019 online editions are available so you can start a 2019 tax return using the Free edition then upgrade and pay for Plus so that you can access the prior year online tax returns - https://turbotax.intuit.com/personal-taxes/online/


  1. Select Upgrade in the left-hand menu. (If you can't see it, select the menu icon in the upper-left corner, and/or select Take me to my return if you're not in your return yet.).
  2. In the new window, select PLUS, then select Upgrade Now (if PLUS is grayed-out, skip this step).
  3. Now you're ready to pay. On the left side, select File.
  4. Keep going until you reach the Just a few steps left... screen. On this screen, select Start next to Step 1: Review your order and follow the screens to pay with your credit card (don't pay with your refund if you see that option).
  5. After you've paid, select Tax Home on the left side. This will take you to You're doing great. Keep going!
  6. Select Show next to Your tax returns documents to expand the prior-year list and then select Download/print return (PDF) for the tax year you want.
New Member

I can’t print my tax return, how do I go about doing that?

This answer is for Turbo Tax Home and Business, from the CD/downloadable version. This procedure is generally used after you have submitted your taxes to the IRS electronically. (You are given an option to print your return when you submit electronically.) 


1. Open TurboTax

2. Click the Forms icon at the top left of the action bar. A list of all the forms you created within TurboTax opens. 

3. Select the forms you wish to print from the Forms List Panel on the left.


Note: Generally, you want the forms you submitted to the IRS, which are likely to be at the top of the list, such as Form 1040. Select the forms you want to print. 


4. Select File --> Print from the Turbo Tax Menu. The Returns for Your Records window appears. 


5. From the Returns for Your Records window, select the 2019 Federal Tax Return (or whatever year you wish to print) checkbox. 


6. On the right of the Returns for Your Records window, Select which group of documents you wish to print: Tax Return Only, Recommended Forms & Worksheets, or All Forms and Worksheets. 

Important: All Forms and Worksheets can be 40 pages or more! Be sure you have enough ink and paper to print a large document.


7. From the Returns for Your Records window, click the Continue button on the bottom right of the window. The Printer window appears. 


8. Click Print (for your hardcopy printer) or PDF if you wish to print as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document. 


That's it! 


See, Intuit, you should have hired me for that technical writer position. 🙂 


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