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I can't get my 2016 AGI

I've tried everything I can possibly think of.

I need to find out what my 2016 AGI is, I called the IRS and they told me they can send a copy of my 2016 tax returns however I no longer live at the address listed on that return. I filed my taxes with turbo tax  but when I log in it just shows the new account I created and seems to have no record I've any of my returns from the previous years, just my 2017. I tried using the IRS online tool and I just get an error that my information doesn't match..

I just need my 2016 AGI...

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I can't get my 2016 AGI

Hi there, 


Have you tried requesting an online transcript?  You can do so here:


Level 20

I can't get my 2016 AGI

What do you need 2016 AGI for now?  You only need a 2016 AGI to efile 2017 but you can not efile 2017 anymore.