I am unable to download my 2019 tax return
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New Member

I am unable to download my 2019 tax return

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Level 15

I am unable to download my 2019 tax return

Are you downloading for your records after efiling?  Or for review prior to filing?   Or downloading to print and file by mail?


If you efiled, has your return been accepted? 


After one has efiled and been accepted, it can sometimes take a return PDF a while to update and become available at the Tax Home.   You didn't say "how" you are trying to download/print.    If you can't use the Download/print button at the Tax Home, scroll down to the section "Your Tax Returns & Documents".  Expand that section and for tax year 2019 choose to "Download/print the PDF."  If you're getting incomplete documents when you use one of those methods, or if you want additional summary pages and worksheets, here's an alternate way to print by opening the filed return back up to print at the Print Center.


NOTE:  When you open your return back up, do not make any changes in it if it's already been filed.  If you later have to amend the return, it has to start off exactly as it was when it was originally filed.


  • Log in and at the Tax Home or in the section "Your Tax Returns & Documents" for 2019, look for a link "Add a State."
  • Click on "Add a State."  (you don't really add one.  That's just to open your return back up.)
  • After the return is open, click in the left menu column on TAX TOOLS, then PRINT CENTER.
  • Then choose "Print, save, view this year's return."
  • The next screen should offer some options:  "Just my tax returns", or "include government worksheets (optional)", or "include government and TurboTax worksheets (optional.)"
  • See if one of those PDFs has what you need.  The latter has the most pages.

NOTE:  Remember all PDF tax documents and tax data files are very sensitive files, since they contain your personal ID info, financial data, and possibly bank account numbers, etc.  Be sure to store them safely and securely to guard against computer theft, hacking, etc.

Returning Member

I am unable to download my 2019 tax return

i can't get to my 2019 tax info to print and i need a copy of my scedule C page

Level 15

I am unable to download my 2019 tax return

@Lionheart1963 wrote:

i can't get to my 2019 tax info to print and i need a copy of my scedule C page

I'll assume you are referring to Online TurboTax as opposed to the desktop software (CD/download).


What does "can't get to" mean??   Are you unable to log into the correct account?    Or do you log in but see no evidence that a 2019 return was prepared in that account, and it's acting like it wants you to start one?   If that's the case, you may have multiple accounts, and we can tell you how to look for multiple accounts.   I'll go ahead and tell you how, just in case that is what you are experiencing.   If that's not the issue, then explain further about what is preventing you from downloading/printing your 2019 return.  The instructions for downloading/printing are in the comment right above your posting.   What happens when you use those methods?  Where is the roadblock?


If you see no evidence at all of a 2019 return in that account, either at the Tax Home or in the section "Your Tax Returns & Documents", here's how to look for other accounts.  You can have up to 5 accounts that use the same email address for notification purposes.  A User ID may be an email address, but it doesn't have to be.  It might be only part of an email address, or it can be anything at all.


To get a list of your User IDs and recover account access, you can use the tool at the link below.  When using the Account Recovery tool, try using your phone number first.   After that, if necessary, then run the tool on your email address(es) you can access.

NOTE: Before running the account recovery tool below, log out of all Intuit accounts including this user forum, or you might end up in a loop.  Then clear your browser Internet cache, close your browser, then reopen it, and go to the link below.  You may wish to copy this link so you can paste it into the new browser session.


If still no luck after running that on your phone number and email address(es) that you can access,  here's another method:

Go back to the tool again, but this time leave the data field blank, and choose the small blue link that says "Try something else", and it will look you up by SSN and other parameters.

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