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How do I file last year's state tax

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How do I file last year's state tax

You can use TurboTax to prepare and file your federal return without your state – but not the other way around.

If you already filed your federal return outside of TurboTax and just need to do your state, you can either:

  1. Contact your State Department of Revenue or visit their website to use their tax-filing service or to download and print out their tax forms; or
  2. Re-create your federal return in the TurboTax software or TurboTax Online but don't file it. Then prepare and file your state return using TurboTax.
    • You'll need to paper-file your state return, as state returns cannot be e-filed separately.

The first option is free; the second option requires payment for both federal and state returns, even though you won't be filing your federal.

If you already filed your Federal Tax Return through TurboTax, you can open that year's program/log in and select "State" and complete your state return. You will not be able to e-file it but you can mail it in following the instructions when you print your return.

New Member

How do I file last year's state tax

I filled last year and some how i didnt file  my state taxes. So it showed up on this years but it not getting added to my state income at the end.

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