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How can I find out exactly when I get my refund?

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How can I find out exactly when I get my refund?

There is no way to find out "exactly" when anyone will get his/her refund.  There are too many variables.  The most important of which, is that there's no way to know how long the IRS will look at any particular return.   Some are pulled at random for more processing.  Some are pulled because of specific items in the return that require more examination.

And once the funds leave the IRS, there are also variations in bank processing times.

The IRS  says 9 out of 10 filers who efile and choose direct deposit will get their refunds within 21 days.  You can  monitor it with the IRS tool mentioned below.

NOTE:  If you chose to pay any TurboTax fees out of your Federal refundI, that is another link in the chain, since your funds go first from the IRS to an intermediary bank where the fees are subtracted.  Then that intermediary bank sends the rest of the funds to your bank in a second direct deposit.

Also, if you have EIC (earned income credit, aka EITC) or ACTC (additional child tax credit), the IRS will start processing them on Jan. 29, but will not start releasing those refunds until February 15.  That means people with those types of credits may not start receiving their refunds until around February 27.

You'll be able to monitor the status of your Federal refund at this IRS page below.

To track a state refund:
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