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e-filing CA amended state return

I needed to file an amended return for both Federal & state (CA) and was happy to find that it is now possible to do so electronically for tax year 2020.  When I started the process, I saw that I can e-file both federal and state.  Later, when I processed the e-filing, only the federal return was mentioned and processed.


A few minutes after e-filing the amended return, I got an email confirmation that "Your amended federal tax return was accepted by the IRS", with no mention of my CA state amended return.


I did a search on here and came across this in a previous post:


"In TurboTax, you can amend your state return without filing an amendment for your federal. 

But, if you need to amend your federal return, the changes that you make to your federal return will automatically be transferred to your state return."


Has my CA state amended return in fact been e-filed successfully along with the federal amended return?    The messaging is not clear.

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Employee Tax Expert

e-filing CA amended state return

California amended return should be e-filed separately from the Federal amended return. After you log onto TurboTax Online, check the e-file status,  or call TurboTax and ask an agent checking on the CA amendment e-file status for you.


It will take CA state usually 4-6 months to process your return per below link:


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Level 3

e-filing CA amended state return

Thank you for your reply.


I did call TurboTax support and was advised that TurboTax does not support the e-filing of California Schedule X at the moment, but that I should check again in a few months, by which time Schedule X may be supported and I can thus e-file my CA amended return.


She also told me that, since I am owed a refund, I am in no hurry to file the amended return.  The deadline to e-file the amended return is Oct 15, 2021 for tax year 2020, so I will wait a few months to see I may be able to e-file via TurboTax instead of doing it the old-fashioned way.

Returning Member

e-filing CA amended state return

I e-filed an amended return and "assumed" it also e-filed the State amended return until I received a letter from the state asking why I paid them and to please submit an amended return.  (My state is ND, but it seems like a similar issue.

I am now trying to e-file to the state, but it wants me to re-efile federal. I guess I will just have to send it in by mail.

Not happy with how cumbersome Turbotax has become and seems to only rely on community support for issues and I am using the paid premier version.

Level 15

e-filing CA amended state return

If the amended state return could not be efiled the program should have instructed you to mail it in instead ... since you owed and have already paid simply mail in the state return now as directed.  

Level 3

e-filing CA amended state return

It looks like it is now possible to e-file amended CA state returns:


According to the official link above, schedule CA Sch X is now showing "available" under the E-file column (as opposed to "unsupported").  Has anyone successfully e-filed an amended CA state return recently since this long-overdue enhancement?


I recall being told that there is a limit of 5 free e-filings of amended tax returns - is that correct?  (Some years I have to file multiple amended returns because I get corrected 1099s from various mutual funds over many months.)

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