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Difference in Refund and 2021 Stimulus

This has been addressed in other comments, but their situations were slightly different.


I had a difference of $134 dollars between what TurboTax estimated to be my return and what was deposited. At first, I thought the fee for using TurboTax had been taken out, but I already had a receipt for that fee as I paid the $90 before. So strange amount in difference.


I have the third stimulus payment pending in my bank now, but it is $876 less than all the calculators, including the IRS one said it would be. They do say to check with bank after actual deposit to make sure the bank deposits what the government sent, so I will on Friday, but these differences don't make sense.


If the IRS was deducting more, wouldn't that have all come out of my refund since that was processed and paid last week? Even so, my eligibility for the full amount of stimulus wasn't changed as a result.

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Difference in Refund and 2021 Stimulus

Stimulus #3 has nothing whatsoever to do with your 2020 income tax refund.    That check is issued separately from your 2020 tax refund.

**Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to offer the most correct information possible. The poster disclaims any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information that is contained in this post.**
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Difference in Refund and 2021 Stimulus

No, if the IRS deducted more from your stimulus payment, it would not necessarily have come from your refund because the checks are issued separately.

Here are some IRS links that might be helpful:

 If you didn't receive your stimulus and it went to the form of a refund due to the Recovery Rebate Credit on your 2020 tax return, please check this link for more information.

  • If you never received the stimulus at all and did not declare it on your tax return, please check this link.
  •  Here is a TurboTax calculator that will confirm whether you or your daughter is eligible to receive the third stimulus payment.
  • Here is a TurboTax article with the latest information about the third stimulus payment.
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Difference in Refund and 2021 Stimulus

yes, I was just being complete in the information. Since the stimulus is based on 2020 tax filing, I was wondering why it would be different from what all the articles and the IRS site said. The idea that weird amounts came out of both my refund and the stimulus was just more information in case it meant something I didn't know. 



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Difference in Refund and 2021 Stimulus

Thank you for the links. 


The top one is the one I had previously used. There has been no solid, straight way to figure why the amount pending doesn't match, by any easy number, what that tool suggests.


Thanks though, I see a looooong wait on the phone in my future!

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Difference in Refund and 2021 Stimulus

Yes. if your refund didn't match your bank deposit, and  you checked all the fees were take out of refund, you may have to call the IRS @ 1-800-829-1040 for a possible offset..  if you owe a federal tax debt from a prior tax year, or a debt to another federal agency, or certain debts under state law, the IRS may keep (offset) some or all your tax refund to pay your debt


The IRS makes offsets for past due federal taxes. All other offsets are handled by the Treasury Department’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service (BFS), previously known as the Financial Management Service (FMS). For federal tax offsets, you’ll get an IRS notice. For all other offsets, the notice will come from BFS.  


See. refund offsets, link

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