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New Member


I filled an amendment for my taxes and it was accepted and says I will be getting a return. But I just a letter in the mail saying I own over 1,000s now and its due next week. What should i do? Turn takx has a different transcipt then what I see on the IRS website.

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Level 15


the IRS transcript is never updated for amended returns.  did you file an amended return for the UC exemption or something else? The IRS didn't want amended returns for the UC exemption.   did you owe the $1000+ on the original return? did you pay it because that's what the IRS may be looking for because maybe it hasn't gotten to your amended return? amended returns can easily take 4 or more to process. there's no way to know because the IRS is so far behind in processing returns. we can't see your returns and it's likely if you tried to call you wouldn't get through. 

so check the status of your amended return here 

if it hasn't been fully processed and the $1000+ owed is what's was on the original return then it's likely you don't owe if the IRS approves the changes.


you also have the option for a fee (assuming you don't have this) to use

The Audit Defense service provided by TaxResources, Inc., also called, in partnership with TurboTax. If you paid for Audit Defense and you received an IRS notice, call TaxResources, Inc. at 877-829-9695, or report your IRS notice on their web site at Do not contact the IRS until you have spoken to TaxResources. They may contact the IRS on your behalf.


"I filled an amendment for my taxes and it was accepted and says I will be getting a return."  all acceptance means is there were no fatal errors on the amended return that would cause an e-file rejection.  this doesn't mean you'll actually get the refund shown. It's for the IRS to accept or reject the changes which like I pointed out above can take 4 months or more. 





Level 15


On the amended return ... did you adjust line 16 to reflect what you actually pay ?   The program assumes you paid the original balance due so do you really have a refund on the 1040X ?    You may need to actually make a payment of some kind.


Look at the form 1040X …


Column A should have the figures from the original return, Column C the corrected figures and Column B the differences between the other 2 which needs an explanation on page 2 of the form 1040X.


If you completed it correctly you will see an entry on either line 16 OR 18:


On line 16 should be the amount you paid with your original return. 


On line 18 should be the amount of your original refund you received.


Then you will see your extra refund on line 22 OR  the new balance due you need to pay on line 20.





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