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Accidental Stimulus Deposit?

     I realize this may be a stupid question, but I haven't seen any other questions of the sort. I am a minor and I filed my tax return. All of my sisters got only like 23, or 33 dollars back on their tax returns, but I received 500 something. Because I am claimed as dependent, I DON'T get to collect a stimulus check, that should instead be a check of $500 to my mother. But my mother didn't receive 500 for me, even though I filed as dependent on my tax return, and she claimed me. So the theory is, did I get my mother's stimulus check on accident on my tax return? Is that even possible?

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Accidental Stimulus Deposit?

As far as  we know, this isn't possible - but like you I also have not seen a question like yours.  


Since the amount wasn't an even $500 it sounds like it is for something else. If it doesn't match the refund that you see on your tax return (take a look at Line 21a) then it may be the case that the IRS found something on your tax return that was left off that benefitted you (like additional tax payments or withholding.)


When the refund amount differs from your return, the IRS will send a letter - be on the lookout for the letter in the next week or so. It should explain what the money is for (even if it is somehow related to the stimulus deposits.) 



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Accidental Stimulus Deposit?

     So I realize that it hasn't been a week since I received my return yet, but I have more information involving my return. It turns out that the number that was attached to my return was 310, which was also ONLY used for the stimulus checks for my family. Now while I'm still confused as to how my return ended up merged with my mothers stimulus check, it seems more and more that that is the case. But it really does make me confused as to why a stimulus check for my mother would reduce the amount of money I would receive on my taxes, as I received around 250 last year for my tax return for 2018, and 2019 I worked almost doubly making it SEEM like I would receive about the amount I received this year. I would expect if my taxes did get combined with my mothers stimulus check, I would at least get 250 plus the 500 dollars expected for my mother, but I only received around 530. I guess I don't need a response yet, seeming as though I haven't waited at least a week for that potential letter from the IRS, but still the answer to the question as to why I only would receive 30 dollars on my tax return eludes me.


(EDIT: from nearly 10 minutes later)

     After going back to check on last years tax return, I realize that the numbers for last year and the numbers for this year are the same. So I guess that is just the numbers that they use for a minor and their tax returns. I looked online and the only thing I could find before that was that 310 stood for the stimulus check, but again that is debunked. My question still stands though, yet again I do not EXPECT a response haha, because there isn't really anything confirmed here as of yet.

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