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Form 4883c and Delayed Refund

I have been trying to contact TurboTax staff directly without having to go through the tax specialist and owe more money, but have not had any luck in finding a direct contact link or email.


The problem I am running into is that after I filed my taxes on February 17th, 2018, I elected to take the money I owed TurboTax out of my refund. I was supposed to receive said refund by the 10th of March, a Saturday, but instead received Form 4883c, requesting that I call to verify my identity. Once I had completed everything, they told me what it looks like they've been telling everyone else who has received them, nine weeks from the day of the call. They told me not to check on the status until the following week. When I did I still saw the message that I had seen before I called, essentially saying it's still being processed.


I know from other threads that this is a standard procedure for the IRS, and that most people have had their refund show up typically closer to a week after verifying, but it has now been almost a month.


I have also been getting emails from TurboTax asking me to pay what I owe for using the software because I had elected to take what I owed out of my refund, which is still in limbo.


I must admit that I'm a little disappointed and frustrated, even while understanding that it's just procedure, that I am up a creek without a paddle here, and hope that TurboTax can help clear some things up.

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TurboTax Specialist

Form 4883c and Delayed Refund

I understand this can be frustrating. Did you call the phone number that is listed in the email you received from TurboTax? You should be able to reach a representative at that number to ask for deferment of payment. There are no direct links or emails to use. You have to actually speak with someone through that phone number in email to get help with this. 

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