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Visitor II

Past returns Tax2PDF

What if you have a past return (data file not PDF) and no longer have TurboTax. i.e. filename.tax2010.

Assuming that you had a password on the file. Would Intuit consider having a location to upload file and enter password to convert to PDF file?

Restrictions would be password required in original data file to safeguard info.



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TurboTax Specialist

Past returns Tax2PDF

If you have a 2010 tax data file, you'll need the 2010 TurboTax software to open that file in and remove the password. Since TurboTax no longer sells nor supports the 2010 versions; you can check online retailers to see if you may be able to find that older version of the software. Amazon may offer it still.


And as for converting the tax data file to a PDF, TurboTax doesn't support that. More details here Can I convert my PDF into a tax data file, or vice-versa?


More details on opening tax data files in software for that specific tax year can be found here How do I open my tax return in the TurboTax software I installed?

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