Which states does full time student daughter file?
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Which states does full time student daughter file?

Daughter is a full time student in VA and home is in DE. She worked for her university in VA during school year. University W2 lists her DE home address as her address and takes VA state taxes out. (This was a very small amount of $3 - does she need to file VA return?) She worked in MD at an internship in the summer and her W2 lists her university address in VA as employee address, lists MD as employer state (box 15), and lists her wages in box 16, but took no state taxes out of her paycheck, only federal taxes. Her father and I claim her as a dependent in DE.  Can she just file VA and DE state taxes as no MD taxes were taken from her paycheck? Because the VA tax taken was so small does she have to file in VA? Because no taxes were taken for MD does she have to file MD? Thank you so much for your help!

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Which states does full time student daughter file?

If the student is your dependent, she is a resident of the state in which you live. 

She would file a resident Delaware return. 

Virginia filing requirement for a non-resident is: Single or married filing separately $11,950", this would be income related to VA. If she made less than that, she does not need to fie for VA.

She will also need to file a Maryland state return as they have a special non-resident tax. 

Maryland and Virginia have a reciprocal agreement, and that may be why there was no state tax withheld from her MD paychecks. Since she is a resident of Delaware, the reciprocal agreement does not apply. 
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