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Where is online tax calculator for self-employed person?

Which online tax calculator I can use to approximately calculate ALL taxes (both feral and local state tax) I owed in 2018? I have been selling on eBay since last year and never filed any tax yet in U.S. I’ve already worked out schedule C (Profit or Loss From Business) to get my net profit in 2017. I found many web sites that help compute tax but unfortunately they are almost all for employee, not self-employed person. 

I appreciate if someone can give a link for the web page.

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Where is online tax calculator for self-employed person?

TaxCaster can help you with federal but doesn't forecast local/state for you. You can find it here https://turbotax.intuit.com/tax-tools/ along with some other useful tax calculators. When you are using TaxCaster and get to the screen that asks "Select from below all that applied to you in 2017," be sure to select all options that apply to you, including the one that says "Own a business/self-employed" and continue through. Once done, it will give you an estimate of this year's and next year's federal refund or tax due.


You may be able to do a Google search for U.S. State tax calculators to see what you can find for state tax due. Or check your state's website and see if they offer one directly on their site.