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I used to service I was supposed to get a 4200 tax return you e-filed it said it was all good iRs Said you did it wrong now I have to pay $1500 and you want me to pay $78 and you’re taking it out of my checking account when you did a bad job there was nothing on my tax return that was right but you said it was

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TurboTax's calculations are correct based on the data that you enter.   But the software cannot know if you leave out income or enter something incorrectly.   A LOT of people have made mistakes and incorrect entries with the recovery rebate credit or the child tax credit, so those are the first things you should check to see if that is where you may have made a mistake.


If your refund was short by $1400 per person---it is likely to be a mix up regarding the 3rd EIP payment.   If it is short by $1800 or  $1500 or  a multiple of that amount  ---   maybe a mixup regarding the advance child tax credit payments.   Check to see what you entered for the letter 6475 that you got for the stimulus payments of $1400 per person----if you entered that you did not get those payments but you really did receive them, then the IRS has to reduce your refund.   Or if you received the advance child tax credit payments between July and December, but did not enter the whole amount that you received correctly, the IRS has to reduce your refund.  The child tax credit payments were on letter 6419 that the IRS sent to each parent.




 Or---the fees you were supposed to pay for using TurboTax + the "refund processing fee" charged by the third party bank….

Did you choose to have TT fees deducted from your Federal refund?  (Remember that if you did that, you also agreed to an extra refund processing fee of $39.99 or $44.99 in CA)

How can I see my TurboTax  fees?   



What is Refund Processing Service?



The IRS will send you a letter that explains why your refund was reduced.   Meanwhile it might help you to check your online IRS account.










If you need to trace a payment that the IRS says has been issued to you, mail or fax a completed IRS Form 3911, Taxpayer Statement Regarding Refund.

**Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to offer the most correct information possible. The poster disclaims any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information that is contained in this post.**
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