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New Member

Stimulus Child Support Concern

Someone please please please explain the rationale behind a parent who owes back child support not getting the stimulus payment.  I was put on child support 2 years ago because my child’s mother wanted me to do more for her personal gains reasons considering she didn’t want to work.  I paid for school events, helped her on her rent, and other needs. I went to court and it was shown how I did support my child before so I wasn’t a deadbeat.  The judge gave me credit but did go and do PARTIAL  back.  There is no way I had $10,000 just sitting in the bank. I was put on a payment plan along with currently  paying amount of $800 a month garnished from my check monthly. Now that covid is here, I am struggling really bad. Her mother will still get the stimulus $500 since she has custody and her $1,200 anyway which I don’t mind so why withhold the other from me? I still pay taxes to the government, current and back child support  and there are people who are getting it but don’t work or not even citizens from what I read as long as they have a social security card.   My nephew is worse, he just found out he had an 11 year old because the mother had another guy thinking he was the dad. Now that they have gone to court he has to pay back pay for 5 years in child support and current support which he is paying. A friend had series near death health battles and fell behind but is catching up on his past due bill. Obviously, the law makers are not knowledgeable about the different ways a person can behind. Everyone is not a deadbeat. At the end, the custodial parent is getting the $500 stimulus for the child. It is not like they would get 2 $500 payments if I didn’t have the back pay. There is always an exception to the rule. Some need the stimulus to make it back and forth to work to supplement the cut hours and continue supporting the child. If my gas, car repairs, etc is in need to make it the deducted hours I am needed to travel to work, I can’t make any to support her.  I just need assistance to understanding it. I am not being malicious but all of us are not bad guys. How can this be sent to law makers to get them to realize that this really isn’t fair to all of us?  

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Expert Alumni

Stimulus Child Support Concern

I am sorry, but this was a political decision, you may want to get a hold of your congressman for answers on why they chose to withhold back child support from the Stimulus Payments.

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Returning Member

Stimulus Child Support Concern

Help me too! My husband and I filed joint, I had approx 2880$ in arrears because I was pregnant and without work. They not only took all taxes 250$, 876$ but they also took mine and MY HUSBANDS stimulus for 2004$. This wiped out my child support balance I owed, which is great I guess? But now we can’t pay rent, just had a baby and the debt wasn’t my husbands!! It was my support owed for my child! How can they take his stimulus? Please help us, we don’t know what to do and nobody answers the phone from the treasury to irs both local and fed and neither do any of the state offices for child support or the da. We need answers and help, we relied on at least my husband getting his stimulus since he was out of work caring for me when all this started in March and I was high risk so he had no choice but to miss the time from work unpaid. 

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