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Level 2

Reviewing my return

After finishing my return I wanted to review it.  When doing so it UNchecks all the checks that I put in.  This means i am essentially redoing the entire return.  So many of those clicks are irrelevant to my return (a lot of "no" answers) so it is awkward and cumbersome.  A review is a review.  It should not remove the checks from the check boxes I have already filled in.

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Level 15 Kat
Level 15

Reviewing my return

Thanks for your feedback.  I've noticed the same thing when going through a "section" of the interview a second (or third) time.  I have to pay close attention as I go from screen to screen to ensure that all the info is still correct.


However, I don't have to enter any figures again, thank goodness, as those figures are "saved".   I'll share your feedback with TurboTax Moderators.

Level 7

Reviewing my return

Possibly one way around this:

SAVE your original as 2018-1 or something under SAVE AS

Then re-open it (2018-1), SAVE AS 2018-2 & continue to look at your return.  You have saved your original return as 2018-1, but any changes or no changes on 2018-2.  I always do this.  And at the end, save your final one as 2018-FINAL