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Rejected return

My daughter filed for the first time on her own this year.  Just received notice that the return was rejected because the SSN number has been used on an accepted return (code 515-01).  She had to amend a return last year because I accidently claimed her as a dependent even though per IRS she was not.  I did not receive any deductions because she made her own money.   We decided to amended her return in February because she was mistakably marked as a dependent on my return, They received the amended return 4/2019 but it has still not been processed.  Could this be the reason why her return was rejected?  Or is she possibly a victim of identity fraud.  This is really bad.  Please help.

Update - I found out more information.  Amended return is showing as adjusted.  Pulled the transcript and 2020 tax year is showing amended return received 4/2020.  Updated 1/19/2021 with code 290 (says no tax return filed)  and $0.00 in the amount column.  At the top of the transcript it shows tax period December 31, 2020.  Could the processing of the amended return in 2021 be the reason for the rejection?  Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Rejected return

First, in the eyes of the IRS, the tax returns filed are associated with the year it was filed.


Therefore, a reference to a 2020 filed return should refer to Tax Year 2020, filed by April 15, 2021. A tax return cannot be filed for a year that is not over yet. For example, tax year 2020 filed 4/2020 is not possible because there are 8 more months of earnings. Something filed 4/2020 cannot be for tax year 2020.


Unless you filed for Tax Year 2020 recently in 2021 and accidentally still had her listed on your return, yes, she could be a victim of identity theft. For more information, see: What to do if you suspect tax-related identity theft.


Second, her amending 2019 would not necessarily have impacted her filing in 2020 for that error code depending on what she entered for AGI. Since Tax Year 2020 is her first time to file, this number should have been 0.


What has been researched may pertain to you, not your daughter. You may want to review your Adjusted Gross Income after filing an amended return.


If your goal is to have her qualify for the first and second stimulus and receive the payment by filing for the Recovery Rebate Credit, she must meet the qualifications to no longer be your dependent. 


For more information, see: 

How do I claim the Recovery Rebate Credit?

Who can I claim as my dependent?




Level 1

Rejected return

We spoke with a Turbo Tax rep on Saturday who stated the reason for the rejection was most likely that the amended return from 2019 has been adjusted but not processed.  In other words she says that 2 returns cannot be processed at the same time.  So this explanation is not true?  I think I had better take steps to alert the IRS my daughter may be the victim of identity theft if this is the case.

Intuit Alumni

Rejected return

If you were actually amending a 2019 return, then there was a change in AGI. Try just filing the 2020 with 0 as AGI.


Also click here for assistance with identity theft.

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