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What does the status 'Printed' mean?

I filed my taxes electronically on February 26, 2018. My status shows as 'Printed' and ready to mail. What does that mean? I haven't received anything in the mail. At this point, I would be happy to get it in the mail since it has taken so long anyway. Ridiculous. The site says to wait 8 weeks (for my state of WV) to contact anyone about a refund. It has been 8 weeks. What gives?

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What does the status 'Printed' mean?

This means your return is ready to be printed and mailed in. It sounds like you didn't actually complete the e-file process if that's what it says. If you did complete the e-file process you would've gotten an email from the IRS stating whether your e-file was accepted or rejected within 24-48 hours after efiling.

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What does the status 'Printed' mean?

so what do we do after it says its printed? Im not prompted to do anything after

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What does the status 'Printed' mean?

If you chose to e-file, and went all the way through the e-file procedure, then you will get a confirmation (accepted or rejected) via e-mail. You simply print your return for your records (and also save a copy of your .tax2018 file and PDF).


If you chose to print and mail your return then, after you go all the way through that procedure, the program will note that your return is "Printed and ready to mail". Subsequently, you simply mail your return to the IRS (and state, if required).


An instruction sheet should have been printed regardless of which procedure you followed.