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Math calculations for taxes owed

I noticed that the math is off when using the figures shown on the actual forms - for both Federal & State (CA in my case).  The tax amounts owed (or refunded) are off by anywhere from $15 to $22.  This seems to be beyond any rounding algorithms.  Not sure if this exists elsewhere in TurboTax but now am suspect of the math in the product.

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Math calculations for taxes owed

Thank you for reaching out to us @ks. Which forms in particular are giving this error?

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Math calculations for taxes owed

I agree. I went back to file an amended 2015 tax and noticed. From tax table here: last page, it says 132805 taxable income is that times .25 minus 8412.5 which is 24788.75 but Turbo Tax Delus for that year recorded it as 24558. A difference of $230 difference. Unless I'm reading it wrong. 2014 Premiere was off by even more, over $300. WHat gives?

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