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IRS Payment/Installation Plan

Four days ago, I applied for an IRS payment plan when filing my federal return with Turbotax but never received any documentation or confirmation regarding it. Can you please advise how I should proceed to confirm that it was accepted. Also, I was given the option to print out a voucher to mail for one payment (not the total amount due) but I’m not sure that is necessary considering the pending payment plan. Please advise. Thanks. 

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Employee Tax Expert

IRS Payment/Installation Plan

The IRS takes 30 days to respond to your Installment payment application. If the return is filed after March 31st, it will probably take longer. 


Although you are no required to make a payment with the voucher, the IRS recommends that you pay as much as possible and as soon as possible to limit the penalty and interest charges. That is the purpose of the voucher. 


Eventually, after the IRS has processed your application, you will be able to see your balances and payment history by logging into your tax account