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Level 2

Complements to TT Support Team

Well this may be the wrong place for this but I can't find another place to put it so here goes.  I am a CPA in industry who once worked in public accounting many years ago.  So in summary I know just enough about taxes to be dangerous.  :-).


Anyway I have a schedule C consulting business and it is of the nature that the 199A deduction gets eliminated if one exceeds a certain AGI limit.  Of course I was in the middle of the elimination band and had capital loss carryforwards too.  Messy it is.


So for the first time in say 20 years of using TurboTax I called for help.  I used the phone me back option and 30 minutes later I got a return call.  In summary the TT team member did a great job supporting me and helped me figure out the 199A deduction.  To say I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of their support would be an understatement.  THANK YOU.

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Level 16

Complements to TT Support Team

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with support.  I will bring your post to the attention of the Moderators so they can share it with the person you spoke with.   

Level 10

Complements to TT Support Team

Glad you were able to find help!   (BTW, it's compliment, not complement.)