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2018 Estimated Tax using 2017 Turbo Tax Return?


I live in California and due to the recent 2018 Tax Law changes the $10,000 cap on Property Tax & State Tax Deductibles will impact our 2018 Tax Returns significantly!!

Does Turbo Tax have a Tool in the 2017 Software that transfers my 2017 Financial Information to another document that applies the new 2018 Tax Laws to provide me with an Estimated Tax to determine how much more  taxes I will need to pay due to the new 2018 Tax Laws?

This information is needed ASAP so I can adjust my W-4 form immediately.

Any and all help is appreciated.


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Intuit Alumni

2018 Estimated Tax using 2017 Turbo Tax Return?

Hello, @RAH! TurboTax has TaxCaster, a free tax calculator, and a W-4 Withholding Calculator, too. These tools should be able to help you! Links below:


W-4 Withholding Calculator: