Professional Return Preparer Useage
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New Member

Professional Return Preparer Useage

I purchased the Deluxe CD version to prepare up to 5 Returns that I intend to use as a Registered and Paid Return Preparer. I do not see where I can enter my Return Preparer Info on the first Return I am now ready to e-File with this software. Is anyone out there a paid return preparer who can give me a hint. This is my first year using TURBO and apparently ther is no way to get a live person for tech support on this.
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New Member

Professional Return Preparer Useage

The TurboTax End User License Agreement (EULA) for the Basic, Deluxe, Premier, and Home & Business CD/Download versions allows you to install TurboTax on all computers owned by you. You may use your TurboTax software to prepare tax returns for you and your immediate family.

In accordance with IRS guidelines, TurboTax allows you to prepare and electronically file up to five federal and related state tax returns. Additional returns must be filed on paper.

Now, if you prepare tax returns for person(s) other than your immediate family or if you charge for preparing tax returns, Intuit & TurboTax  consider you a Professional Tax Preparer. Per their EULA, Professional Tax Preparers should not use TurboTax to prepare returns (other than for themselves and their immediate family). If you wish to use professional tax preparation software from the makers of TurboTax, consider:

    * Lacerte –
    * ProSeries –
Level 15

Professional Return Preparer Useage

Turbo Tax is for self prepared personal tax returns.

Intuit has 2 products for tax preparers. They are Lacerte and ProSeries.  ProSeries is the least expensive.

And to prepare more than five e-files, you will need to sign up with the IRS as an ERO - an Electronic Returns Originator.
You can install ProSeries and Turbo Tax on the same computer.

Just wanted to add clickable links.  The ones above are not clickable.
New Member

Professional Return Preparer Useage

Doc 1508;

You used the word "we" so I assume you are employed or related in some capacity with TurboTax?

The second part of my Question (unanswered): Is there Live Customer Telephone support anywhere that I do NOT have to additionally pay for, or is this it?

When I investigated the online comparisons for your product, and read as much as I could find on the website, I did not ever see this EULA, or any other representation on this limitation of the product. Would you be kind enough to point me to that restrictive language. I would like to see for myself how I missed it.


Thanks for the info. This is my first year doing this, and things turned out as I predicted- I did not get more than 5 clients (including myself).

Returning Member

Professional Return Preparer Useage

Here is the text of the eula which disallows use for professional tax preparation:


Additional Restrictions. You are not licensed or permitted under this Agreement to do any of the following: (1) allow any other person to use the Software; (2) rent, loan, resell, distribute, or redistribute the original CD or a copy of the Software to any other person or entity; (3) make the Software available on any file-sharing or application hosting service; (4) electronically send the Software to any other person; (5) copy the printed materials or user documentation accompanying the Software other than as necessary to support the uses permitted above; (6) use the Software for any commercial purpose (i.e., tax return preparation for a fee or other consideration); or (7) use the Software to electronically file more than five federal returns. Any person who received the Software through any of the forgoing prohibited methods, or through any method other than purchasing a license for this Software from Intuit or an Intuit authorized retailer, is not authorized to use such Software.

You are not licensed or permitted to use the Software, or allow the Software to be used, to prepare tax returns, schedules or worksheets on a professional or commercial basis (i.e., for a preparer's or other fee or consideration). Additionally, you must indemnify and defend Intuit against any claims or lawsuits, including (without limitation) attorneys’ fees, that arise from or result from the use of the Software on a professional or commercial basis.

You agree to register as a licensee of the Software (unless you obtained the Software directly from Intuit) so Intuit can notify you of updates or corrections to the Software and to obtain the benefit of any warranties or guarantees given or made by Intuit with respect to the Software or Intuit Services. In this regard, you agree to keep Intuit apprised promptly of any change in your email address, mailing address and/or phone number so Intuit can be notify you of such updates or corrections. Additionally, the IRS and state tax authorities may release certain final approved tax forms after the Software is made available. To ensure that you have the most up-to-date information and final approved forms, you must update your copy of the Software using its “Check for Updates” feature before printing or electronically filing your return. Certain IRS and/or state forms may not be available through the Software.

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