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Our son -- nondependent -- was covered under our marketplace ins. We paid 100% of the premium. He did not receive a 1095-A. Is this a simple scenario to suss out?

Greetings, all,

I'm getting frustrated finding so many answers that are *this close* to being what I need, then I run up against something new and exciting.  OK -- the situation is as follows:

I was covered by standard employer-provided insurance for 1/2017 and 12/2017.

The remaining months, I was covered under CareSource Marketplace insurance.

- My wife and younger son were covered those 10 months.

- My older son -- a non-dependent -- was *supposed* to be covered all 10 months, but there were, apparently, issues inasmuch as he was not covered the first two months.  He was subsequently added and covered.  However, obviously, since he wasn't originally on there (despite our attempted signing him up as a non-dependent and his not being included for whatever reason), he did not receive his own 1095-A.

- I paid 100% of the premiums.  *no one* else paid any amount.

- Using, obviously a non-dependent living outside of the house does not fit into the requirements for a household dependent.  So, he wasn't taken into consideration, at all, on their 8692 SLCSP results.

- As far as I know, I didn't pay any form of advance payment (1095-A -- 33C) and, since TurboTax won't let me put zeros, for those values, I'm assuming, then, that I need some form of guidance, here.

I keep thinking that it shouldn't be this hard, but I also keep finding that for every "must have" data entry, I either don't have one or the value I have is invalid.

I'm of two minds with my question.  One is simply throwing my hands up and calling to the heavens, "what the heck do I need to do here?"

The more reasonable question is

With the data provided, what do I need to do to ensure that the non-dependent son doesn't owe for any premium anything while also satisfying the number breakdowns required to me file.  Additionally, I suppose, would be how this would, then, be handled on his 1040, or whether it would then fit neatly into one of the other FAQs I found.

Any information would be greatly appreciated, and thank you, in advance, for any and all advice. 



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Employee Tax Expert

Our son -- nondependent -- was covered under our marketplace ins. We paid 100% of the premium. He did not receive a 1095-A. Is this a simple scenario to suss out?

There's a lot going on here, so I hope that this information will help you.

  • For entering zeroes, we have found that by entering .01 in the boxes with zeroes, you will be able to continue with your return without errors. There is another work-around for this situation shown in the answer linked below, but we have found that entering .01 enables you to move forward, and will not affect your tax return.
  • For your non-dependent son, he would enter your 1095- A information by following the directions in the FAQ below, under I'm on my parents' health plan, but not on their tax return, didn't get a 1095-A, and there are no amounts in column C of my parents' 1095-A. He will be subject to a penalty for not having health insurance for the 4 months of the year he was not covered.
  • Also, see SuperUser TaxGuyBill's answer under If there was NO Advance credit received (column C of the 1095-A