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New Member

I printed my return but don't know what forms to mail out ?

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New Member

I printed my return but don't know what forms to mail out ?

The Form you need will be printed up with your completed return.. which will include your mailing instructions.. Instructions will indicate exactly everything that needs to be sent...

 Please see below for details on Printing to Mail your completed Return.. 

Hope this Helps!..

To re-access your return and file-by-mail please follow these steps.

1.      Sign in to TurboTax, if you're not already signed in.

2.      Click Taxes in the upper left area (under the TurboTax logo).

3.      In your Tax Timeline, click Add a state in the SOME THINGS YOU CAN DO section.

                o  Don't worry, you're not adding a state; this just opens your return back up.

4.      Near the top-right of your screen, click File.

5.      Keep going until you get to the screen We've determined the easiest way to file your taxes (you may need to click Prepare to Send to get there).

               o    If E-file appears on this screen, click I'd like to change filing methods.

               o    Then, in the pop-up, select File by mail and then Save.

6.      Click Continue and proceed to the Let's print your returns screen.

               o    Click the green button and wait a moment while TurboTax prepares your return in Adobe Reader.

7.      Once your return has opened in Adobe Reader, click the "printer" icon at the top to print.

8.      After printing your return, click Continue in your TurboTax program and follow the instructions.

Important: For your security, we recommend that if you file by mail, do it at a post office, not from an unlocked mailbox in front of your house.

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