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New Member

I need to change the version I am starting to fill out?

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New Member

I need to change the version I am starting to fill out?

I understand. Since TurboTax automatically starts you off in the version you used last year, or you accidentally upgraded to the Self-Employed version, please review the information below to get out of the Self-Employed version by downgrading.

  • Because you are a TurboTaxSelf Employed Customer, I have included the Contact Us link at the bottom, if you would like additional assistance.

In order to downgrade you may need to Clear & Start Over.

  • You can clear and start over as long as you haven't paid or registered yet.
  • Please note that "clear and start over" will remove/delete all data you have entered Both Federal and State.

Once you've cleared your return you should be brought back to the original screen that says, "Hi, ______! This is what we got you last year, lets start your 2016 return!"

Under this section is a hyperlink that says, "see other products". You'll want to choose this. If you start for free, and have information pulled in from last year, you'll be upgraded to our PLUS Benefits program. You can avoid this by letting it run its course and clicking continue once everything is in. After you click continue you'll want to select that you do not want to include this and you'd like to Start For Free. This will then make your return completely free! If you're needing our Deluxe, Premier, or or Self- Employed Editions, you can choose to start with it in this section as well.

If you are not able to Clear & Start Over, you can abandon the return you're already in and go to our Freedom Edition. You only have to qualify for one of the prerequisites to use the program.

If you DO NOT want to re-transfer last year's data after clearing your return, pay special attention to the 'pop-up' window "Are you sure you want to clear your return?"

There is a subtle option just above the blue "Yes" & "No" buttons.
MAKE SURE the box is UNCHECKED.   (The default is 'checked' to re-transfer your data)

If the 'pop-up' window does not appear then try this work-around:
*  Go to My Account
*  Tools
*  Transfer last year's TurboTax return from your computer (Note it does say "from your computer")
*  Continue
*  Continue without Transferring

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