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I'm trying to enter a W-2 and it is not accepting the control number that is on my W-2. is there any way around this?

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I'm trying to enter a W-2 and it is not accepting the control number that is on my W-2. is there any way around this?

If you are trying to import your W-2, and either the TurboTax program or your employer's payroll computer on the other end won't accept the Control Number you have, then the typical solution is to simply input your W-2 data manually.  If you have access to either a paper copy of your W-2, or an electronic display of one on a screen, it should be a straightforward matter of typing the data into TurboTax (this takes just a few short minutes).

Please note that not all W-2s (or employers) will necessarily include a Box D Control Number.  Your alternative to importing a W-2 document is to simply input the same information manually, as mentioned.

The actual Control Number itself is basically irrelevant to completing your tax return, unless you wish to import your W-2 into TurboTax; and it that one instance it is required.  In other words, the W-2 Control Number, whatever it is, will never increase or decrease your actual tax refund (or your amount owed) by a single penny.

If you type in your W-2 manually, rather than importing it electronically, then you should not have to enter anything from Box D Control Number at all, if you do not want to.  In fact, you can simply try to leave the field blank.  The exceptions to that would be if you are attempting to e-file your return and see some sort of W-2 Control Number related error; or if the program insists on a value before allowing you to continue.  In those cases, we have a TurboTax FAQ article (with a solution workaround) that can help with this.  I've linked this answer to that FAQ page below.

Hopefully the information here is useful to your needs.  Thank you for asking this question.


If you have further issues, encounter any difficulties, or just want to speak with a live tax expert who can walk you through your TurboTax entries (including the ability to screen-share with your computer), please feel free to contact us.  We would be happy to help you (and the call is free to TurboTax Deluxe and higher program users).  Here is a link where you can create a support ticket and reach us:


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