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How to fill out forms without spouse's ITIN

I'm fully aware that I cannot file without an ITIN for my spouse. But what I'd like to do is to leave the SSN field empty for my spouse, and still continue to fill out the forms, so that I can print them and file by physical mail with the required W-7 form. The system didn't allow to continue to fill out the Health Insurance section without an ITIN. The solution was to put an arbitrary number there, and make sure to delete that field in the final printout. But this is just a workaround. Is there an actual solution?

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Expert Alumni

How to fill out forms without spouse's ITIN

This is the solution to your issue.  A return cannot be completed with a blank SSN/ITIN field so one of the choices below should be used. TurboTax must comply and complete software testing by the IRS to be allowed to file returns.  

Enter "Applied For" in the social security number slot under the Personal Info tab, if that doesn't allow you to proceed to file by mail try the SSNs shown below. If you use numbers, be sure to white them out after print before mailing your return.

Prepare a Form W7, for each person who needs an ITIN, then include it with the required documentation with your return.  File the return to this address.

Internal Revenue Service . ITIN Operation . PO Box 149342 . Austin TX 78714-9342

FYI, this applies to the current tax year, 2016. Follow these steps to prepare your return for mailing.

  1. Complete Form W-7 - IRS.gov (IRS - W7 Instructions)
  2. Complete your federal and state tax returns using the number 999-88-9999 in place of a Social Security Number.
  3. Print the tax returns and cross off the 999-88-9999 from the SSN field. Do not attempt to e-file your return.
  4. Write "Applying for ITIN; Application attached" next to the SSN field.
  5. Mail the signed federal return, the completed Form W-7, and all documentation required by the Form W-7 (Alternatively, you may choose to take all this information in-person to a local IRS office for processing.)  
  6. If you need to file a state tax return: Mail the signed state return and a copy of Form W-7 to your state's regular filing address. 

(Edited:  04.12.2017 | 8:25a PST)

Expert Alumni

How to fill out forms without spouse's ITIN

@esalihm  I appreciate your frustration, we don't get to choose the options for the fields as noted in the updated answer above.
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