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Help Filing Taxes in New York/Connecticut

Hello turbotax! I would love any and all input on this if anyone has the time/information.

I recently moved from Connecticut to New York (upstate) May of 2019. I was working in Connecticut until we moved, and shortly after settling in I started  working at a job up here (New York).

What I'm wondering is the order/forms needed to ensure my taxes are done properly. I have my current job's W-2 form, but do I need to obtain my W-2 from my prior job in Connecticut and submit that first? 

Thank you in advance for any help you can spare, and hopefully I'll be able to return the favor somewhere down the road. 


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Level 7

Help Filing Taxes in New York/Connecticut

You submit both W-2 forms at the same time with the same tax return.  If you follow the TTax interview instructions carefully you will see that you start with the W-2 form from the end of the year and then work backwards to the beginning of the year.  In other in your case you will enter the New York W-2 information first, then TTax will ask if you had any income from another state, that's when you enter the New York W-2 information.

Level 15

Help Filing Taxes in New York/Connecticut

Since you lived and earned income from both states you will be preparing part time resident returns for both so you need all of he documentation for earnings from both states.  See below to learn how to do this with TurboTax.

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