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Foreign Tax Credit

I paid foreign tax in multiple countries as reported on 1099-Div. Following the TT special instructions to make sure the largest one is on the first Form 1116 I entered that country and amount and completed through to the end of the interview (although I did not see the question about being done with "all Foreign Tax Credit Computation Worksheets." noted in the special instructions). I then re-entered the foreign tax credit interview to add the other countries. All went OK until I tried to enter the amounts for each country. No matter how I try it, I cannot find a way to do so. I can only enter one country. If I go back to enter more the one I have entered disappears. Can someone who has worked through this give me some step-by-step procedures? I have tried every combination I can think of.

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Foreign Tax Credit

Please forgive me, donlboy, for using this space--I didn't know where else to go for a relevant place to post the following, which I'm told Turbotax will catch:


I mean this as FEEDBACK to Turbotax Step-by-Step writers/programmers:

I just completed my taxes done on Turbotax Deluxe.  As before, there’s a flaw (or omission) in the directions in Step-by-Step for completing Form 1116, Foreign Tax Credit. Each year, while carefully following the directions, I fail to complete the inclusion of Qualified Dividends (for a single “country,” i.e. “various”) onto the relevant worksheet by following Step-by-Step directions.  The Review section, which flagged this missing space as an error, also failed to direct me with what to enter. It was only when I got to the subsequent review offered while I completed the Federal E-File section that I was directed to a number drawn by my Turbotax from my previously entered dividends. This last, short detailed direction ought to be placed in the Step-by-Step directions originally guiding me for entries to Form 1116--or at least in the Review’s flagging of errors. It was hair-raising to only find the answer at the late point of e-File and baffling prior. And I fear I completed my Form 1116 (& its preceding worksheet) wrong on prior years when I didn't e-File.