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Do I file New Hampshire tax return?

I work full time in MA and live in NH.  I recently started an Ecommerce business out of my NH home.  According to Turbo Tax my Gross Income from the business was $15,600.  I think I read that I don't need to file a NH return if the Gross Income was under $50, 000.  I have never had to file a NH return before.  Can I delete my NH return that I started and not file a NH return?
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Do I file New Hampshire tax return?

New Hampshire  imposes a 5% tax on interest and dividend income.  If you do not have interest and dividend income income of more than $2,400 annually ( $4,800 for joint filers), then you are not subject to the interest and dividends tax, and do not have to file any New Hampshire individual interest and dividend return

On the business side, if you have a New Hampshire business carrying on business activity in New Hampshire, and its gross business income from everywhere is $50,000 or less, your business does not need to file a New Hampshire Business Profits Tax Return.

If you don't need to file a New Hampshire return and would like to remove the return, you can delete a state return in TurboTax Online, as long as you haven't paid for it yet (or registered in a free version).

Please see the following TurboTax FAQ, "How do I delete my state return in TurboTax Online?":




Do I file New Hampshire tax return?

Thanks for your answer.  My concern is Turbo Tax is saying "Looks like you haven't finished your state taxes" and asks if I want to start my NH return.  My Federal and MA taxes are done.  I think before, Turbo Tax has always told me that I didn't need to file NH taxes, but now it appears to want me to do them.
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