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New Member

1040 Schedule 2, line 10

Hi, (fortunately) my financial status hasn't changed in the last year (W2's, W4's and pretty much everything else all the same). However, upon completing my 2020 tax return with turbotax, i notice that line 



Other taxes, including self-employment tax, from Schedule 2, line 10


went from zero (line 15.) to over 20k. - thus forcing me to owe federate tax rather than get a refund like i normally do.


from my naive read of schedule 2, i don't owe AMT, have health insurance through my employer nor have taken any money out of any savings accounts.


can anyone offer a reason why turbotax may have calculated that Schedule 2 is relevant? is there a way i can bring up the schedule 2 calculations in turbotax?



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New Member

1040 Schedule 2, line 10

ok, i did a test print of my returns and it included Schedule 2: i see it has included:


8 Taxes from: (c) Instructions; enter code(s) UT


can someone tell me what this means and why i should have it this year but not the previous?



New Member

1040 Schedule 2, line 10

grrr... ok, after a little googling; 'UT' means the sum of boxes 12 on the W-2.


Looks like i 'accidentally' selected the wrong codes for the items in box 12.



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