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New Member

Will not recognize donations to goodwill

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Level 15

Will not recognize donations to goodwill

Here's some more details for "Items" entered into the tax least until the Online software gets fixed:

If you go to the Federal Review/error check, and go thru that, you will put a date in the error boxes and the $$ value for each item will be added to that donation date.   You will be asked for a date for each item you just entered.  (Yes, a massive pain in the ^%$^%). As soon as you add in the date, the value for that items ill get entered into your tax file.

Because of a current software foul-up, it is best if you enter only one Charity's list of items donated on one date at a time...then go to the Federal Review to enter the date for every item immediately.....then return to the Charity section to add any items donated on another date.....then go right to the Federal Review to enter that date for each item....then back to the Charity section for any other Charity/items/dates. 


Remember, you only have to do this for "Item" donations using the Guided valuations.

1) One Charity..and one date at a time...2) then off to the Federal Review/error check to put in that date..3) then back to the Charity section for another date..or another charity...4) then back to the Federal Review/error check again to put in the date.


____________*Answers are correct to the best of my knowledge when posted, but should not be considered to be legal or official tax advice.*
Level 15

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