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New Member

State rejected for School District

I entered my W2 as is and box 19 states that I had 307 withheld for sd2906.  The state rejected my return saying that no tax was withheld from SD. But I believe it was because the code for my SD is now a RITA *** code. I am not sure how to update it or even if I can. Do I just need to not file SD with state this year and do it through RITA?

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State rejected for School District

No. School district tax is not municipal income tax. Per the State of Ohio, generally, a four digit code (such as 2509) and/or the codes SD, LSD, CSD listed in box 20 of your W-2 indicates school district tax and SHOULD NOT be reported on your RITA return.


Did you file a SD-100 for your school district? If you lived in a taxable school district, you would need to include this form with your return. 


You can enter your address in The Ohio School District Tax Finder and find the correct school district code for your district. If your school district is listed at anything other than a 0% tax rate, you have to include Form SD-100. 


To add a SD-100 to your return, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open your return.
  2. Click on State on the left hand side.
  3. Click Edit next to Ohio.
  4. Continue through the state questions until you get to a page that is titled A few things before we wrap up your state taxes.
  5. Scroll down on this page until you see School District Taxes.
  6. Click on Start and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Once complete, you can refile your state return.



Lastly, if you were a resident of a RITA municipality during any part of the year, you must file a return with RITA unless you are eligible to file a Declaration of Exemption. For more information, please see RITA - Do I need to file? 


Level 15

State rejected for School District

@BambiLynn2323 said "I entered my W2 as is and box 19 states that I had 307 withheld for sd2906."

Does  that means you had $307 in box 19and "SD2906" in box 20?  Are you a resident of Xenia Community Consolidated School District (CSD)?  What exactly did the reject say? 

The reject was not  because the code for your SD is now a RITA code.  RITA code in box 20 would be 3 digits, e.g. RITA123.  

New Member

State rejected for School District

Yes. Box 19 listed the 307 and box 20 noted SD2906. I ended up just cancelling school district through turbo tax and will file it through the mail. Seemed the simplest solution. I will have my financial guy at work change the box 20 code to the RITA905. Maybe next year it will work!

Level 15

State rejected for School District

It's not clear what you're saying.


Did the employer withhold for Xenia city (RITA905) but mistakenly report it as Xenia SD 2906? If' that's all it was. you could make the change at the W-2 screen and file normally.  You would need to get a corrected W-2 for your records


Or was it something else?

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