Return paperwork 10x less compared to last year.
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Return paperwork 10x less compared to last year.

I filed my taxes in late January 2020 along with state and received or was supposed to receive refund from both. I received my federal within a few weeks but the state ended up being turned into a special investigation. My itemized return values were different on state than they were on the federal. Also, looking back at my e-filed paperwork in turbotax the 2018 filing last year was over 100 pages however the 2019 filing was only 14. Did turbo tax make a filing mistake for 2020 and ended up causing the state to receive less paperwork? Anyone else have this issue with their Georgia filing?

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Return paperwork 10x less compared to last year.

Re: The number of pages.


Once the tax season ends in October, everyone's' Online tax return is saved one final time to the TTX servers....BUT...the final year-end save does a total huge save, with every possible backup worksheet and background calculation sheet and not just the submitted tax return.   They do this because there many folks have questions a year or tow later about what they actually submitted.  For example...there may be a Charity donation $$ amount on the filed tax return, but there is no listing of what 50 charities you donated to.  The full save at the end of the year contains the full charity list and what $$ amount you entered in the software for each one.


For your 2019 taxes, the main PDF  printout only shows what is being, or has bee filed right now.  But in late Oct or Nov, all your tax entries will be re-saved with all the backup sheets too, and become a ~100 page or so file too (depending on the complexity of what you entered).  This is also why you never mess with your tax data after you have filed, and it was accepted...(unless you start an official "Amended" tax return. )  "Try" something out later in your real Online file, and you risk permanently destroying your final saved file such that it doesn't match what you actually filed.


During preparation, you could also get the massive PDF of  all those pages too, but that is an optional selection in the "Print Center" .


Itemized deductions are commonly different on a state tax return than on the Federal tax return. The big one is usually that the tax year's State income taxes paid are a Federal Deduction, but shift over to a state Credit on the state tax return. Some states may also have some $$ limits on what can be claimed for some items. 

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