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"My spouse didn't receive a 1099-hc from this insurance company"

Hi! I am filing a joint return with my spouse. In the MA state return, it asks about the 1099-HC. It asks me to choose whose information I would like to enter. I chose my name. I enter the info from the 1099-HC I received. Then I chose my spouse's name (however, TurboTax doesn't know if I am filling out the forms or if my spouse is filling out the forms).


At this point it asks me this again (see picture). However, we only received one, under my name, since everyone in the household is under one health plan, and everyone's names are on this form.


Should I check the box "My spouse didn'"? First, I don't know what they mean by my spouse. Does that mean me, or does that mean her, because what if my spouse is the one filling out the form and they would read this differently than when I am filling it out. And secondly, we received one with all our names, and so does that constitute as my spouse not receiving it?


Thank you!



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"My spouse didn't receive a 1099-hc from this insurance company"

Check the box "My spouse didn't receive a 1099-HC from this insurance company" and enter the name of your insurance company (or administrator) and your subscriber number.

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