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How do I file taxes as a newly self-employed

Hello! Last year when I had small royalty income, my husband and I filed taxes jointly from his Turbotax account. This year I started my small business and use quickbooks self employed to track my income and expenses. This year should we file jointly from my QBSE + Turbotax or can I somehow export my data to my husband’s account? In case I file through my husband’s account how can I get a consultation from the tax adviser on how to optimize my taxes?

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How do I file taxes as a newly self-employed

Congratulations on starting your own business.

The solution to the question depends on the type of entity you created for your business. 

If you are a Sole proprietor or you created an LLC for your business, you will file Schedule C for your business on your joint tax return with your husband. 

If you incorporated your business then depending on the type of corporation, Form 1120 for C corporation and Form 1120S for S Corporation will need to be filed using Turbo Tax Business. The business return will produce Schedule K1 that will be filed with your joint tax return with your husband. 

In any situation, you will file Married Filing Joint with your husband and you can use (and recommended) the same Turbo Tax account that you used for last year tax filing.

Turbo Tax Live services provide access to a tax expert as you need it. A tax expert will answer your questions and also you can have your tax return reviewed prior to filing the return. 

You can import the data from  QuickBooks Self Employed directly to Turbo tax. 

How do I send my QuickBooks Self-Employed tax information to TurboTax?

What is TurboTax Live?



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