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Inherited IRA 1099

My father passed away in 2018.  He received his normal distribution 1099R with block 7, marked.  My mother inherited his investment, and the 1099 R for her says 4 (death) in block 7.  The problem becomes she is NOT dead, but it tries to determine if she owes RMD?  Since everything in TURBO TAX is showing she is the one who died, but did not, do I need to make a substitute 1099R, or will the IRS figure it out, since my father's SS number shows him as deceased?

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Inherited IRA 1099

There is nothing wrong with the code 4 Form 1099-R.  Code 4 means that a distribution from your deceased father's IRA was made to your mother as beneficiary of your father's IRA, not that your mother died.  TurboTax asks the RMD question because, if your father did not complete his 2018 RMD before he died, the responsibility to complete his 2018 RMD falls to your mother.  It asks this question to make sure that your mother did not roll over to another IRA in her own name any part of your father's RMD for 2018.

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