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Excess contributions to Both IRA and Roth

In 2020 I contributed 7000 to my Roth.  I was not aware that the limit was for both the Roth and Regular IRA.


Not only did I contribute extra to the IRA, but  ended up contributing an additional 11,955 into my regular IRA. I ddecided to roll the 11,955  + 8702.61(existing IRA value)  + 4,627.69 in growth totaling 25,285 into my Roth.   I just got the tax info details and questions below

      2020 Form 1099-R

  • 1 Gross distribution $25,286.30
  • 2a Taxable amount $25,286.30
  • 2b Taxable amount not determined (X)

Now to the questions:

1. Will rolling the IRA to the ROTH satisfy the removal of excess money as I have to pay taxes on the rollover?

2. If the rollover does not qualify, would removing the 11,955  plus the 4,627.69 in growth in the roth satisfy this requirement?


I'm guessing that the rollover would be enough since I will be paying taxes at my normal tax bracket, but would like to verify the info above before tax submission this year.  I read that its better to remove excess to avoid paying 6% excise tax each year.

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Excess contributions to Both IRA and Roth

You will need to report removal of the Excess Roth IRA Contribution as indicating that the distribution was a rollover does not satisfy this requirement. 


You can create a 'Substitute 1099-R' to document the removal of the Excess IRA Contribution and Rollover prior to receiving the 1099-R in 2021 if you choose. 


Click this link for info on reporting for Reporting Excess IRA Contributions.


This link gives info on creating Form 5498. 


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Level 2

Excess contributions to Both IRA and Roth

Thanks for the answer!!  Just wanted to verify.  My 1099-R says the following:

1    Gross distribution $25,286.30
2a  Taxable amount $25,286.30
2b Taxable amount not determined (X)
      Total distribution (X)
3 Capital gain (included on line 2a)


So in addition to paying tax on the 25,286.30,  do I need to take out the 7k + earnings from the ROTH IRA, and pay taxes on it?


Again, I contributed 7k to roth first, then over 11k in standard IRA. NOTE: 11K was after tax money put into the standard IRA.


Thanks again for any help. I'll make sure to thumbs up for ya 🙂



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