Second Stimulus Payment
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Level 2

Second Stimulus Payment

I received a Second Stimulus Payment of $900. on 1/08/2021 by direct deposit.

  However, Turbo Tax prepared my 2019 tax return, which indicates clearly my 13 year old child, and my wife as dependents on my Married filing joint return. 

 Please assist me in recovering the other $ 900. that's missing.  Please help me because my Second Stimulus according to my 2019 tax return is $1,800 .  


    Thanks for your 

     most dedicated

     assistance 😊

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Level 2

Second Stimulus Payment

I am praying that Turbo Tax looks deeply into the reduction of my Second Stimulus Payment from $1,800 to $900. 

Thank you kindly 

Level 15

Second Stimulus Payment

Only the IRS controls when and if a stimulus payment is distributed.


If you do not receive any other stimulus payments by January 15, 2021, then the stimulus payment for which you are eligible to receive will be entered on your 2020 federal tax return as a tax credit on Form 1040 Line 30.

The TurboTax program will ask about stimulus payments in the Federal Review section of the program.

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