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Third stimulus check



I filed electronically using TurboTax as Head of Household. I never received any stimulus checks and therefore had an amount due to me. The IRS ended up adjusting out the $1,800 from my refund even though I am eligible. The possible reasons spelled out on the adjustment notice did not apply.


When I called to inquire and pointed out that none of the reasons specified were applicable, they said it was because the "Someone else can claim: my spouse as a dependent" box was checked on my 1040.


In a prior response here, I already posted how this box was checked due to a TurboTax glitch. Even though the box pertains to my spouse, it was enough for the IRS to make me ineligible for any of the stimulus.


If I was to file a 1040x, it would be for all three stimulus checks.

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Third stimulus check

There are times when you should amend your return and times when you shouldn't. Here are some common situations that call for an amendment:

  • You realized you missed out on claiming a tax deduction or credit.
  • You accidentally claimed the wrong tax filing status.
  • You need to add or remove a dependent.
  • You forgot to claim taxable income on your tax return.
  • You realize you claimed an expense, deduction or credit that you weren't eligible to claim.

You usually don't need to file an amended return if you discover math or clerical errors on a recently filed tax return. The IRS will often correct those types of mistakes on its own and, if necessary, send you a bill for the additional tax due or a refund if the error was in your favor.

Before filing an amended return, make sure the IRS has already processed the tax return you need to amend. That way, you can ensure the IRS won't get your original return and amended return mixed up. If you've already received your tax refund, then you know the IRS has already processed your return.




Here is a link that explains how to amend your return.

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Third stimulus check

What is TurboTax really doing to ensure that the STIMULUS  checks go to the right account because TurboTax or Green Dot bank excepted my stimulus check and deposit it into my ex girlfriends account my name was never on the account. HOW DID TT LET THIS GET BY???

Employee Tax Expert

Third stimulus check

We know stimulus checks are important and we are doing everything we can to make sure eligible taxpayers get their stimulus checks. We have been working closely with the IRS and have confirmed with them that they have accurate banking information for all TurboTax filers.   TurboTax cannot dictate to the IRS how to send out stimulus payments.    What we know:


The IRS will determine eligibility and where to send stimulus payments based on your last tax return. Stimulus payments will likely go to the bank account where their last tax refund was deposited. For those who didn’t have a refund or didn’t choose direct deposit for their refund, the stimulus payment may be sent by check. 


In some cases where the IRS has received a 2020 tax return but hasn’t yet processed it yet.  In these cases, stimulus payments may be issued to the account on the 2019 tax return. 

If the bank information is invalid or the account has been closed, the bank will return the payment to the IRS and the IRS will mail it to the taxpayer by check at the address they have on file.


Please see Topic G - It explains what information the IRS used and continues to use when issuing payments.   @Wolfy6896

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Level 3

Third stimulus check



Does TurboTax plan to release an article or instructions on how to complete a 1040X for my specific scenario? I am seeing hundreds of posts from people on Reddit that experienced the exact same thing.
They either did not get their stimulus or the Recovery Rebate Credit was deducted from their refund because the “Someone can claim: Your spouse as a dependent” box was checked due to the TurboTax glitch. Some even stated that Tax Advocates acknowledged receiving numerous calls about this issue but they don’t know how to fix it. They simply suggest that the affected person9s) submit a 1040X.

I tried several times to complete the 1040X through TurboTax but the field values kept changing each time. It looks like you guys are still in the process of figuring things out yourselves. When I called support, I was able to get some help and the field values ended up changing yet again. At this point I don't trust that the 1040X questionnaire is guiding me correctly given this "niche" situation.

TurboTax at minimum needs to acknowledge the issue publicly and help provide us with guidance to get this corrected. In my case, I need to complete a 1040X for the sole purpose of explaining that the box was checked due to a TurboTax error. However, the TurboTax system keeps playing around with the values shown in fields 1-30 even though the questions are answered exactly the same each time.  Its like musical chairs at this time.

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