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Stimulus Check Don’t have card

So my stimulus was deposited in my 2018 tax turbo card that I don’t have access to or remember the login to get sent a new one. Money is there just no card and no idea how to get the money out my old one and on my new card either, when I do figure out how to get one. Been calling tax turbo all day and no response lines must be down.

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Stimulus Check Don’t have card

To report a card Lost/Stolen follow the instructions on the Turbo Card website. [CLICK HERE].  Please be aware that the Turbo Card app/site is experiencing high volumes today due to stimulus payments being funded. We know everyone is anxious to get theirstimulus money and we appreciate your patience. If you are experiencing any issues please wait a bit and try again.

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Stimulus Check Don’t have card

I have multiple cards but was supposed to receive a new one this year. I have never received it. When I go through automated system it I press option “1” then option “2” for card never received. I proceed to enter my personal info. The system then states “You have multiple cards. Please enter the last four digits of the card”. Why would it ask me that if I have never received the card? It’s obvious I don’t have the card. So, I just keep going in circles. Then it tells me to call back when I have the card info.  I need to speak to a live person for this matter. Please help. 

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