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I've set up an account but cannot access it. I've been trying for hours to log on. can someone recommend a tax service that that works? Thanks.

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Did you create an account using the TurboTax online website -


If so, you must sign onto the account with the exact same User ID and Password you used to create the account.  Any website requires this to create an account and to sign onto an account.


Close all TurboTax windows on your web browser (including this one).  Copy and paste the account recovery website link onto a new web browser window and run the tool.

Use this TurboTax account recovery website to get a list of all the user ID's for an email address.  Run the tool against any email addresses you may have used -

If none of the user ID's received will access your account, then use the option shown in blue on the account recovery website, "Try something else"

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Don't bother looking for support here.


All they will do is forward you an automated response that will not answer your question and then explain how they're not responsible.

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