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how to correctly input two 1098s for a mortgage loan that was refinanced with same lender.

In March 2020, I refinanced my prior mortgage loan and did it with the same lender. The original loan had mortgage interest and the new loan does not have any mortgage interest. I have read that you are to combine section 1 from both 1098s, and section 10 from both 1098s. Since I had mortgage interest on the original loan do I input it only for this loan in turbotax or enter it on the new loan? Also, it is combining the outstanding mortgage principal of the two loans resulting in over $1 million when each loan was only around $550k. Since I have the lender listed twice for receiving 1098s, I don't know which one is to contain zeros and which one is to contain the combined amounts. Can someone please walk me through it clearer?


Here are the specifics:

original loan: section 1 $6457.59, section 2 $545940.49, section 3 mortgage origination date 1/25/19, section 5 $1427.58, section 6 zero, 7 box is not marked, section 10 $4541.28, section 11 blank

New loan: section 1 $15276.72, section 2 $555000, section 3 3/6/20, sections 4, 5,and 6 are zero, section 7 box is marked, section 10 $4863.72, section 11 is blank

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