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5 digit e file PIN

I file Fed. tax with my wife as a Joint filing.

do we have to have the 5 digit e file PIN same or different?


my e file was rejected some reason. I used two different 5 digit e file PIN.

that might be the reason why it was rejected or some thing else.


please let me know which one is right that it must be same or different.



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5 digit e file PIN

You can keep the same pin number.  I've kept the same pin number for my husband and I for as long as we've been efileing. 

Returning Member

5 digit e file PIN

When filing MFJ, you have the option to select any number. Typically, I have seen people use same five for both spouse and yourself. 


When a return is rejected, it will provide you some context to address before amending and re-filing.

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