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How do I go about disputing something on my credit report

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Step one is to check all three of your credit reports and see if the item is on all of the reports or just one. You can get your credit reports from the three bureaus by going to their websites and registering accounts. However, they may show you only limited information unless you upgrade to a paid subscription. You can get one free credit report from each bureau per year at


If only one bureau has incorrect information, I would contact that bureau and use their appeal process. If all three bureaus have the same information, that means that the lender is sending that information to all three bureaus and you should contact the lender. They may have accidentally reported someone else’s account in your name, or you may be the victim of identity theft.


Also be aware that account names are sometimes abbreviated or confusing. For example, I have a Goodyear credit card to pay for auto repairs, but it is listed as a Citibank card because Citibank processes cards in Goodyear’s name.

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