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Joseph talkington
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How can i raise my credit score

How can i raise my credit score easy and not get myself in a bind??? I had thoughts of a credit card but i have no idea where to begin with one iv never had one. I was told i could get one and pay my bills with it then take the money from my bank account and pay the credit card bill and it would help but in not sure about it and id like some help please 

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How can i raise my credit score

(I work in the loan department of a credit union)


In order to help raise your score, I would need to know if you have any derogatory credit. 

If you do have any collection accounts, you would have to pay those off or settle for a determined amount by the collection company. If you have late payments, those will slowly effect your credit less over time.


If you have credit, none derogatory, and its just limited, ONE credit card could help. But along with getting a credit card, you would have to keep the balance at or less than 50% utilization. Over 50% can negatively effect your credit score. You would also have to make sure you make payments on time. Doing this will increase your score over time. 


When opening a new unsecured trade line, (like a credit card or line of credit with no collateral, like a vehicle) it can decrease your score due to it being a new account. Accounts are considered new for up to 2 years. But it will recover. 


I hope this helps. Oh and if your looking for a good first credit card, Discover has good interest rates, compared to other large credit card companies. Good luck.

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How can i raise my credit score

Just filed ch. 7., what are the first steps I can take to raise my score? How do I obtain a credit card if I closed them out and added them in bankruptcy?, and finally Im in a credit union, how can I become credit worthy to them if I'm starting over? Thank you!

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